(Sp. model spelled same [palomino] < paloma 'dove'[see above] plus the diminutive -ino)
   Ahorse of a golden or grayish-yellow color, according to Watts. This term may be used as an adjective or a noun. Islas is the only Spanish source that references this term, and he defines it as a term used in northern Mexico for a horse of a light bay color with a marble-colored mane and tail. Islas and Santamaría gloss palomo as a dull milklike color for a horse. Cobos defines the same term as "beige or cream-colored." The DRAE references a horse of a similar color known as isabelino. The Royal Academy indicates that this describes a horse of a pearl color, or a color between white and yellow. Alternate terms: California sorrel, Isabella.

Cowboy Talk. A Dictionary of Spanish Terms. . 2013.

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